Well there you have it folks. Custom Game Browser Design and implementation is underway on the custom game browser. Otherwise the game runs fine. The que is taking forever post Reach update. Our goal is to break down the barriers of platform and focus on input method instead so we can tune the experience more easily. I would have totally participated! Use your keyboard! Yes, sure. Matthew Jordan : Thank you Max.


We are very excited to see what sort of creations the community comes up with during this contest. As a very important note, maps from this contest will also be considered for official integration into MCC multiplayer matchmaking if they are high enough quality. So, if you are into making maps, check this out and see if you have the chops to stack up with some of the best across the community! Over the course of MCC, the teams working on flighting have learned a lot and our mantra is flight early and flight often. Folks in our preliminary Rings are the tip of the spear before it makes it to those participating in Ring 3, our public flight. Over the course of the 2-week flight we have seen well over 2, unique tickets submitted by the community. Below are some of the top issues as well as their status at the time of writing this:. Halo Support flight feedback being tracked for future fixes by launch or after :. We believe flighting is critical to the overall success and satisfaction of players with MCC. However, in this latest public flight, we had lower than average participation and we are looking to find out why. We are going to be sending out a survey to some of our Halo Insider invitees so we can learn more about why people chose not to join us this time around. I would have totally participated! Thank you to those who have expressed interest and have registered. Your help is invaluable, and the community reaps the rewards when everyone participates! At this point, it is now a regular occurrence that we chat with our friends over on the Publishing Team.

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. When I play a match I connect just fine but after my first match I can't connect to any others until I restart the game. The error code says "Connection Interupted".

It's super weird and extremely frustrating. Show More Fixex Less. Still not working. Worked ok for the first couple days now always stuck on the matchmaking screen where it resets or kicks me back to the multiplayer menu.

Relays are off and I can't get a refund cause I'm past 2 hours playtime or staring at the matchmaking screen I should say. Unacceptable Matchmaking was working for me yesterday, just now though I've queued for about an hour without any games found.

My problem is when I try to play multiplayer i can find people really fast and then when the map finishes loading it kicks me out and says ,atchmaking have won. With no score or nothing. I have tried this relay on and off and there's no difference. Any help? Just voicing my concerns in hopes of a fix. I too have matchmakibg with it being stuck on searching for players.

Learn more here have relays off. Have turned off my firewall as well. However, when I do find a match, I don't get booted,I actually am able to play a game.

Finding players takes so long though, I play maybe 1 or 2 matches an hour. UE4 Fatal Error when i start Halo please update steam version. Scotty ATC wrote:. Can't find any matches. The que is taking forever post Reach update. Relay on off is a quick fix. I cant even connect to their servers, wont load profile progress or let me join multiplayer. Halo Reach PC by the way. What is Going ON!!??? I Port Forwarded.

I did everything you are able to fiexd. Still nothing Halo reach PC memebase site murderer isnt working for me EDIT: its not just slayer 4v Since yesterday the game's been "searching for players" continuously no matter how long I wait.

Steam In any mode, even coop. Added the game to exceptions both in antivirus and firewall but this didn't seem to help at all. I'm having problems finding go here in Competitive Games.

I've tried everything on the list and have to wait 30 minutes to finally connect to a match if I'm lucky! Please get this fixed. My NAT Is open and fuxed rely setting is off and it hasn't helped me. I can't find games in any playlist for some reason.

I had this problem matchmaiing and all I had to do was update the game, but this time my game is already up to date. I just want to play some halo on PC man. Please fix this. Purplepanda wrote:. I've been stuck on "contacting server to get halo mcc matchmaking fixed yet data" indefinitely. If I log out of Xbox Live and sign back in, as people suggested, I get locked out of the game completely and it won't even let me in the main menu, unless I disable the anticheat, because for some reason the anticheat prevents me from communicating with Xbox Live.

Otherwise the game runs fine. I dont know if i should blame for their game learn more here buggy, or if I should blame Epic Games for their stupid anticheat. The anticheat doesnt even work anyway, I've played other games with EAC installed matcbmaking them and have seen cheaters in those games doing some crazy stuff.

I found a fix, or rather a list of a few fixes that ended up working for me. Fixdd the search feature on Windows 10, I went to my Xbox Live Settings and was met with the screen linked below.

However on top of that I was being given the message: Teredo is unable to qualify. I'd never even heard of Teredo before this, but the screen explained that problems with it could hinder my ability to play multiplayer online, so I searched the error text on Google and found the page linked below 2.

It gave me some potential fixes that involved my computer's relationship with Xbox Live, and so I tried a couple. Going down the list it took me only four methods until I was cleared of those error messages on the Xbox Live Settings screen 3 before well, only after I selected the Check again button. I've had this trouble since Reach PC and I'm going halo mcc matchmaking fixed yet be sharing this exact post on a few sites.

I wish you all luck.