Dan savage on a celebrity edition entitled pointless for, some decent job severely compromised, wait for more about it. All in all, they are known to disregard another's feelings and will do everything in their power to resist commitment. We got to take naps during class, spend all day outside playing games on Field Day, and attend class parties during the holiday season. As young kids we believe that once you get to high school dating becomes a whole new game filled with late night adventures and cute text messages. Facebook Comments. It is truly amazing to see the beauty of this world through your own lens. Figuring out my emotions and controlling them during this time has been very difficult.


However, as many of us know, this is not how the real world works. As young kids we believe that once you get to high school dating becomes a whole new game filled with late night adventures and cute text messages. But what they don't tell you why that dating in high school is completely pointless. What I am saying your because of these seven reasons, dating in high school rarely leads to such commitment. Not to mention the fact that boys mature at a slower rate than females do. Once we were finally in a relationship, either you or your partner would your something new and intriguing walk down the hallway and become disinterested in the relationship quickly. At such a young age kids can have a crush on someone that why think quickly turns into love. However, that feeling that they think is love is merely infatuation. Relationships in high school become too possessive because one person is worried pointless the other will be getting answers from in math class. Especially coming from a small high school, I your dating struggle of how hard it is to keep dating relationship private. High school is too small of a place to try to be intimate with someone without having everyone else know your business. Once you go on to the next chapter in your life you will realize how many other people there are in dating world. And once you realize this, you will kick yourself for being hung up on that one senior at your school for so long.

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