Hide your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. The Bible is silent on this matter. Trending News. They are not going to tell you that. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them. How do you think about the answers?


When I was single, I remember wishing there was an entire book of the bible dedicated to the topic, or at least even a chapter. But though Scriptures are filled with foundational life-changing truths, there are still some topics that are left untouched when it comes to finding a biblical perspective. Even today in the cultures of the Middle East, dating is a relatively new concept. The process of meeting a spouse had very little to do with compatibility and personality traits, and everything to do with family lineage and economic status. Finding a mate functioned a lot more like a bartering system than dinner and a movie. So what does that mean when it comes to dating? The best way to have a healthy dating relationship is to become a healthy person. Becoming more like Christ sets us up for interactions with others that reflect love, healing, and wholeness. The truth about relationships is that the healthier both individuals are emotionally and spiritually, the healthier the relationship will be. Apply this truth to dating by connecting with people who are on the same page as you are spiritually and emotionally. Healthy interactions with others will leave us with little regrets, no matter what the long term outcomes. Dating well means that we make sure to honor and respect this portion of our future marriage by setting physical limits and boundaries when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. Our relationships can be an instrument that draws us close to God, as we seek Him for wisdom, guidance, and discernment along the way Psalm

Question: "Does the Bible say what is the proper age for marriage? This fits dating colt king cobra one of the historical purposes of marriage —conceiving and rearing children. Scriptural evidence indicates that those too young for childbearing are not candidates for marriage, though there is no explicit age given in the Bible. It is reasonable to look at what does god say about dating at a young age practices of ancient Judaism for cultural considerations on the proper age for marriage.

These ages more or less correspond to the onset of puberty. While those ages might seem too young to us, they are not unusual ages for getting married, historically. It has only been within the last century or so that the average age of getting married has drifted into the late twenties and early thirties.

In modern Western countries, people are not generally expected to be self-sufficient until they are nearly in their twenties, or even later. The age of getting married was normally young, as everyone was expected to mature socially and emotionally more quickly than today. The Hebrew language also supports the idea that puberty is a requirement for a legitimate marriage.

In this passage, God cares for Israel, pictured as an orphaned girl in various stages of development. Your breasts had formed and your hair had grown. Hebrew, as English, uses different words for younger and older members of either sex. Once again, these words and definitions seem to enforce the idea that the onset of puberty is a requirement for marriage. Before that time, a boy or girl is not of an age to be married.

The New Testament has even less to say about the age of getting married. Still, there are clues in New Testament Greek similar to those in Hebrew. For example, 1 Corinthians uses the word hyperakmos in reference to a female. But Perth dating wa nowhere sets a definitive marriageable age: physical maturity is a must, but when a girl reaches maturity can vary.

As with many other issues, the proper age for getting married has a cultural component that the Bible does not specifically override. What constitutes a proper marriage age can vary from culture to culture and still fall within the bounds of scripturally proper conduct. The bottom line is that pedophilia and child marriages are unacceptable. A person must be fully grown to be married; he or she must be physically mature enough for sexuality and child-bearing. Beyond that, the Bible does not specify a minimum age for marriage.

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