Jason, Two DVC 4-ohm subs can only get wired together to form a one-ohm load , a 4-ohm load , or a ohm load. I have two kicker comp rt subs. Just checking before I go to hooking all this up for my son in his truck. I want to get a Rockford fosgate amp im not sure what amp i need i have 2 12s Rockford fosgate "power T1" watts and peek rms. Is this setting ok? Hi I have a 2 focal subp25db 10"subs. These examples are just the starting point. The amp will overheat after around 30 mins which is making me think that I need a more powerful amp closer to watt RMS? Hello and Thank you in advance.


Subwoofers are typically easy to connect, given that there are usually only two cords to deal with: one for power and one for the audio input. You're far more likely to spend the bulk of time positioning and adjusting a subwoofer for the best performance than actually plugging in a pair of cables. However, not all subwoofers are so simple and straightforward, depending on the specific model and maybe some personal experience. If your receiver or amplifier has enough variety, you should be able to handle most any subwoofer out there. Almost all home theater receivers or processors and some stereo receivers have this type of subwoofer output. It's usually just one cable with single RCA connectors on both ends. Sometimes you'll find that a receiver or amplifier does not have the LFE subwoofer output. Or it might be that the subwoofer doesn't have the LFE input. Or they could be spring clips like you'd see on the back of standard speakers. If the cable is split on one end a y-cable for both right and left channels , then plug in both the R and L ports on the subwoofer. If the subwoofer features spring clips in order to use speaker wire, then you can use the speaker output of the receiver to hook it all up.

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There are many ways to wire subwoofers and amplifiers together. You can find a glossary of terms below the interactive module. A Single Voice Coil subwoofer or svc sub has two wiring terminal posts, one marked positive and the other marked negative. A Dual Voice Coil subwoofer or dvc sub has four wiring terminal posts, two positve terminals and two negative terminals.

The extra terminals give you more options for wiring the speaker. The impedance of a subwoofer coil is expressed in ohms.

Impedance is the amount of electrical resistance, or load, a sub puts up against an amplifier's output. These terms refer to two ways of routing the speaker wires to your subs to properly manage the overall impedance load. Note: When you wire dual voice coils and multiple subs together, the resulting total impedance is not always simple to figure out or practical to use. An amplifier will put out more power through a low-impedance sub than it will through a high-impedance sub.

But a lower impedance also means more stress on the amp. The disadvantage of bridging is that bridged channels can't drive impedance loads as low as they can when unbridged.

How to bridge the amp is usually indicated at the amp's speaker wire terminals. All the wires depicted in the Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams are speaker wires. For wiring subwoofers, we recommend using wires of to gauge in size. If you want business nyc hookup bars consider learn more about amplifier systems, check out our Amplifier Installation Guide. Someone said that I should wire it in parallel but that it would lower the overall sound quality which I honestly don't want read more I dont have to.

I was curious if there was any other way to wire it up so here is running optimally without losing quality, but I know of no amp that has click the following article 2ohm channels that can both run watt.

What are my options here? I got given a mtx t55 thunder and I havent been able to make it make a sound. No matter what the cone isnt scratchy when you push down on it yahoo dating teacher brand new. Thanks Buck. The subwoofers I have are DVC though. They have 4 posts. I did wire it up like the 2nd diagram you showed me and it seems to be working now.

So I wired it up like the diagram you showed me but my amp doesn't seem to like it. Should I try a different wiring set up or are these subs to powerful for this amp? I was going to bridge them into the amp to get a total of 4 websites seniors free online dating for at the amp. Is that all correct? I have a single Sundown Audio SA rev. I also have an old Rockford Fosgate Punch s 2 channel amp. Would I wire it to just 1 set of terminals to achieve the Watts x1?

And, is there any disadvantage to only utilizing 1 of the two sets of terminals or do the dual voice coils simply provide more wiring options? Or should I wire it in parallel for a 2 ohm load and would the amp still be stable bridged subs hook up this when to give a girl your number online dating confirm ohms?

Thanks in advance. Hello, I'm looking at upgrading my system and after reading your articles on how to select the correct components I'm a little stumped. I have decided to go with 2 kicker 10" compVX 2ohm dvc subs rated at watts rms each. I am eventually going to upgrade again and buy 2 more of the same subs. I'm wondering what size of amp I should get.

Is watts enough? I subs hook up be wiring them to a final impedance of 2 ohms at the amp. I have a factory wired dvc 8 inch sub in my explorer. I have a new svc sub I would like to change it to. Is it possible to wire this sub with the factory wiring. Will an w amp 1ohm be good enough for these? Im hesitant on pairing them with the KXA Your online diagrams show that I should hook up one sub per channel. But the subs are RMS each and if hook up one per channel my amp would only be giving the subs watts each.

Is this going to under power the subs? Or subs hook up this combo ok? Thanks for the advice to a newbie. I've got a question that has been bugging me. These are the components. They are only rated at watt RMS. Is this doable? Or do I need to get 4 ohm subs? Or possibly turn my amp way down. When i use your guide to select I have a 1 channel amp that can safely drive a 1 ohm load, it does not give me the option to select a DVC 4-ohm, only a DVC 2-ohm, and that successful dating website creating a where I'm stumped.

Should I just choose my amp as 2 ohm? Also, I realize that amp is way to powerful for that sub so I want to make sure I don't wire it up wrong. Thanks for your help! I have this web page Pioneer GM-D Looking to get two of you Rockford Fosgate P2 - 10's. My amp says it does watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms. Can I wire it to two subs? If subs hook up should I get 2 ohm or subs hook up ohm?

Can you please tell me. What length of speaker wire I would need for Ram Crew Cab with the 8. Having Best Buy install. What I am having installed. Just not sure the length subs hook up is needed. Please feel free to make suggestions or changes to my current sense.

camilla belle dating list think. Any help is greatly appreciated. Can u tell me how to wire 6 best quote for dvc subs to get either a 1ohm or 2ohm at the amp? Ok so I bought a pioneer GM-A, watt amp. And i have 2 dvc, 4ohm kicker comp vr. I'm stupid and can't figure it out. I always bridged my subs back in the day but I never knew about parallel and series wiring.

I just wired them up but I think those were svc. Thanks in advance for the help. I'm trying to run my 2 DVC 2ohm kickers to my w kenwood amp which has 2 channels and can be bridged. The problem is that I followed the right diagram for my setup on this website, except I bridged it. Now the problem is my subwoofers will cut out whenever the bass think, true apostolic pentecostal dating was hitting hard.

If anyone could help that would be great.