Jake sings her a song and accidentally kills her father's jester by spilling water on him, both of which she apparently enjoyed; however, she does not react much when "Prince Finn" kills Jake. Jake advises Finn to write a poem for Flame Princess in order to move things along. When Jake asks Flambo if he knows any princesses Finn's age, he responds that he knows "just the skirt She is also prone to unprovoked fits of aggression, as shown when she throws fireballs at her citizens just for whispering. So he had one of his servants to take her to the woods for her to perish. As Flame Princess tells Bubblegum about being able to build a new Fire Kingdom with them and sings " A Kingdom from a Spark " while Bubblegum secretly steals the temperature control units from the Fire Giants. So he had one of his servants to take her to the woods for her to perish.


Flame Princess is the princess now queen of the Fire Kingdom and was the former love interest of Finn. When Jake asks Flambo if he knows any princesses Finn's age, he responds that he knows "just the skirt She was voiced by Jessica DiCicco. She has long vermilion orange-red hair made of fire that, when down, falls down her back, and when up, takes an appearance similar to flames. Her skin is a sunglow color yellow-orange and she wears a long tank top dress that touches the ground. She appears to have a huge ruby on her head and one on her dress that may show her royalty instead of a crown. Her color scheme changes when wet, her skin changing to a pinkish hue and her hair to a lighter brown-pink. She has a body-type similar to Fionna's. Flame Princess has a volatile personality. She is described as "passionate" by Finn, "evil" by the Flame King , and "intense" by Pendleton Ward. The Flame King also remarks that she is difficult to control. She seems to be very sensitive and quick to judge. She is also prone to unprovoked fits of aggression, as shown when she throws fireballs at her citizens just for whispering. Based on this outburst and her imprisonment in the gas lamp it is likely Flame Princess has a destructive nature, though it is possible her nature is a result of her imprisonment.

As revealed in " Elemental ," she is the current Fire Elemental. As an infant, Flame Princess was chaotic and free-spirited—she was even said and proven to be more powerful than her father, Flame King. After hearing this, the King ordered a messenger to send his daughter away from the Fire Kingdom to "wander into the outside world to perish. When Flame Princess wandered near the Candy KingdomPrincess Bubblegum noticed this and, while wearing a fire suit, returned her to the Fire Kingdom.

Once there, Bubblegum told Flame King to keep his baby under control or that she would do so herself. Flame King initially denies having a daughter but admits his parentage when Bubblegum insists that he take her back. They come to an agreement and decide to trap the royal baby in a giant lantern for the rest of her life to ensure that she could never usurp her father's position in the Fire Kingdom.

It is believed that Flame Princess was a handful as a dating games despite growing up in a lantern as Flame King described her as "totally evil and destructive.

After leaving the Fire Kingdom to be with Finnshe resided in the grasslands inside a fire hut—no longer wanting to be influenced by the evil of her kingdom. Finn and Flame Princess start going out before the events of " Burning Low " and want to become more physical in their relationship. They start with hugs by wrapping Finn in tinfoil to lessen the contact that could burn him, but Jake tells him that he will need to kiss her eventually to progress the relationship.

When Princess Bubblegum discovers about this, she tries to stop Finn from seeing Flame Princess due to the possibility of Flame Princess' emotions causing a burst of intense romance that could destroy the world. Despite the danger they impose on the world, Finn is unaware of the risk and kisses Flame Princess—almost destroying Earth 's core.

This near total-fatal event strengthened the bond between the couple and also made Flame Princess more aware and cautious of her emotions and elemental powers, despite still not fully understanding how to control them. Meanwhile, Flame King believed his daughter was pure evil and had intentions to drag her down again. Once he found Flame Princess' new home and began are speed dating dc lesbian has her with evil whispers, she was frightened and feared that is flame princess dating cinnamon bun was truly evil and could not fight her blood.

She kept this to herself for a while until she finally came clean to Finn, so he took her on a quest of heroes to prove to her she is not evil and shift her alignment to in blog dating cleveland. This made her happy and no longer scared of her past or her family, as she was good at heart.

She begins having dinners with "the less evil side" of her family and occasionally her father, as well as regular adventures continue reading Finn and Jake. As her relationship with Finn played out, they began going on dates and picnics.

One of these picnics was interrupted when a fight between Flame Princess and a passing-by Ice King breaks out, causing Finn to have a strange dream. Realizing the fight is what caused the dream, Finn caused another fight by writing both Flame Princess and Ice King a rude letter from the other. Although he had the dream again, Cosmic Owl appeared and told him that "You [He] blew it. Waking up from the dream and discovering that Flame Princess has destroyed the Ice Kingdom and nearly killed Ice King, Finn stops the fight and confesses he was the one who wrote the letters because he needed to see the dream again and learn what it meant.

Flame Princess breaks up with Finn, hurt that she was used so flippantly and by the fact that the letter contained very personal information that Finn wrongly used against her, breaching their trust.

After her break up with Finn, Flame Princess has trouble controlling her emotions and powers again, claiming she does not want to feel that way as Princess Bubblegum observes her. Not remembering that Bubblegum was the one who locked her away as a child, Flame Princess befriends the fellow princess and allows her to run tests on her so she can understand herself better. Flame Princess is shocked and questions him, so he reminds her that when she locked her in the lantern as a child was pretty evil.

Flame Princess then has a flashback and remembers what Bubblegum and Flame King did to her, recalling why she grew up in a lantern in the first place. She then has an outburst after discovering the betrayal of another friend, screaming "Is everyone hiding something?!

After returning home, Flame Princess realizes she is more powerful than click to see more father and overthrows him—putting him into the lantern where he trapped her during her past life and becoming the new ruler of the Fire Kingdom.

She brings her only true friend Cinnamon Bun with her as he leaves his Candy Kingdom days behind to become the princess' new servant.

Flame Princess claims she will not be sucked back into the evil, and she makes "honesty" the new rule of the Fire Kingdom. When Bubblegum learns that Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun left, she becomes outraged and goes with Finn to track them down to the kingdom. Flame Princess tells them that she overthrew her father to enact a new regime of honesty within the Fire Kingdom.

Stating that her place is in ruling the weak and vicious fire people, Flame Princess tells Finn they are no longer "going out"; however, Flame Princess adds that she and Finn can still be friends. It is to with a i girl am scared up why hook where her standing on Princess Bubblegum is, or how she intends to proceed with her relationship with her father, but Flame Princess seems to be calm and at peace with herself while figuring out who she really is in her heart.

As the days in the Fire Kingdom pass, an admirer of Flame Princess, who planned to help the Flame King escape in order to get her hand in marriage, broke into the kingdom and brainwashed the citizens, eliciting them to free the imprisoned king and turn against the princess.

As Flame Princess was about to overpower him, she discovered the betrayal of her handmaiden Ursulawho had secretly poisoned her to impede her ability to fight and weakened her powers in order to help Flame King and Don John with her coup. Cinnamon Bun, unaffected by the spell Don John had cast, charged in and managed to help her escape.

Flame Princess then came to a conclusion to seek help from Finn and explained specifically to him that they are not getting back together. Unfortunately, her explanation was to no avail when Finn impulsively charged into the Fire Kingdom in an attempt to win over the princess' affections, resulting in their imprisonment. Outraged, the princess turned both of her admirers down and told them that she did not have any feelings for them.

This caused Don John to feel cheated and fought Flame King as the two prisoners made their escape with Cinnamon Bun, who managed to defeat the guards and steal the key. During his skirmish with the brainwashed is flame princess dating cinnamon bun, he receives an attack and became fully baked before Don John's spell went off after his defeat during his battle with the Flame King. After becoming fully baked, Cinnamon Bun was able to persuade the citizens to seize the king and help Flame Princess reclaim her throne by locking up the two threats in her lantern, as well as making a speech about her great leadership.

Realizing that Cinnamon Bun is a trusty and competent champion and knight, she accepts his offer and hold his hand, and walks to the throne as her citizens cheer in approval of their relationship. Following the events in which she reclaims the throne, Flame Princess spends most of her time traveling with Cinnamon Bun by her side, such as attending Princess Day and even during her free time when listening to the radio to Jake's story about " Mr.

In " The Cooler ," the Fire Kingdom's core is cooling down, causing the citizens' flames to reduce. As Flame Best dating places in nj discusses what should be done about this with her family, her brother insists on attacking the Is flame princess dating cinnamon bun Kingdom to use the sugar to strengthen the fires.

As Flame Princess informs him that she had already contacted Princess Bubblegum, the room begins cooling down, and Cinnamon Bun helps the princess escape before she is hit with a blast of cool air.

She goes to meet with Bubblegum, who tells Flame Princess to call her Bonnibel and asks what her first name, which Flame Princess refuses to answer. Bubblegum then picks up strong energy levels on her radar. She finds that they are behind a pair of large sealed doors and asks Flame Princess what is hidden in there.

Flame Princess says that only members of the royal Fire Kingdom family are allowed in there, but Bubblegum convinces her to show her if she wants to save her kingdom. As Flame Princess tells Bubblegum about being able to build a new Fire Kingdom with them and sings " A Kingdom from a Spark " while Bubblegum secretly steals the temperature control units from the Fire Giants.

Flame Princess notices that she does this from one of them and becomes angry, but Bubblegum lies and says that it only fell out and she was placing it back in. However, her bag rips as she tries to move away and reveals the other temperature control is flame princess dating cinnamon bun, causing Flame Princess to discover that her false ally's intentions were to disarm the giants, which led to an all-out fight that caused Flame Princess to accidentally destroy all but one of her Fire Giants.

Feeling tired and guilty, Bubblegum promised to leave her the final one, hoping Flame Princess would change her opinion of Bubblegum. She is shown later on one of PB's camera screens, where her brother complains about not starting a war, which Phoebe responds with a pat on the shoulder.

In " Is flame princess dating cinnamon bun Dark Cloud ," she and Cinnamon Bun come to the assistance of Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and the Candy Kingdom in combating the Dark Cloud created by the Vampire King 's extracted vampire essence, by using one of the Fire Kingdom's volcanos to fire a blast of lava at the vampire cloud however it fails to stop it and instead injures several Candy People who were fighting the vampire cloud.

Over lunch, Finn admits he finally understands why it was wrong to manipulate Flame Princess to fight Ice King, and she is impressed by his maturity.

They have some fun bonding over charades and Flame Princess' freestyle rapping skills, reestablishing their friendship. When Cinnamon Bun reveals Flame King has escaped and is here hanging out in a cave with some chipmunks, Flame Princess decides to let him stay there, recalling that animals bring out his more gentle side, and this experience could help him change for the better.

In " Elemental ," Patience St. While playing a game of croquet with Cinnamon Bun, Ice King appears is flame princess dating cinnamon bun splashes her with a glass of water, in which she retaliates angrily, but she is then frozen first with ice powers.

Due to being wet, she is weak and couldn't escape until Patience St. Pim tripped on her boat which broke, the sail a wooden pole bounces and breaks her ice bounds, she grabs the wooden pole, burns it, thus igniting her weakened flames. She frees the others including Finn and Jake then finally escapes with the others, leaving Patience St. Pim furious. In the miniseries Elementsit is revealed she has turned into a dragon and her fire powers can become blue. In addition, she could turn others into fire elemental people.

This causes them and herself to act extremely violent and is even more powerful than she was before. She, however, was unable to remember anything from her life while in her elemental form. In " Hero Heart ," she lost her element abilities because Princess Bubblegum turned her into a candy elemental person.

In " Skyhooks II ," she and the entire population of Ooo were turned back to normal and were freed from the elementals. Like all other inhabitants of the Fire KingdomFlame Princess is covered with fire, the very flames emitted from her body being extensions of herself that intensify when she becomes emotionally excited.

According to Princess BubblegumFlame Princess' emotions are directly linked to her combustion levels, which explains her aggressiveness. When she is exposed to extreme romance, her elemental matrix will become unstable, and she would burn through the Earth's crust and set off a series of reactions, causing a meltdown that would burn up the planet from the inside. This reaction was started when Finn kissed her in "Burning Low," but the crisis was averted.

Flame Princess eats coal and burns things to keep sustain herself. They have existed since the beginning of life, living, dying and reincarnating for eons and millennia. Flame Princess has a short temper and volatile personality; she usually has a calm demeanor, though with rather frequent tendencies to sudden and violent mood swings.

Since she was locked up when she was only an infant, Flame Princess is not educated properly and does not know much about the world beyond the Fire Kingdom. This is shown in " Hot to the Touch ," where she was viewed to be examining flowers and was a bit surprised when she accidentally sets them on fire. She also did not know the definitions of sneaking or eating, though as she had served her family dinner in " Jake Suit ," she seems to have improved on her knowledge regarding the outside world.

After Flame King started harassing her by calling her evil, Flame Princess began to question herself and doubted whether or not she was in fact evil. However, after some time and a dungeon adventure to help her sort out her thoughts, Flame Princess concludes that, while she is a lover of destruction, she only enjoys destroying bad guys.

She seems to have become more serious and dislikes how people "hide" facts from her. She wonders if "everybody is hiding something" and wants people to be completely honest so that she can get to know them better and as well not getting herself tricked.

Wanting everybody to be trustworthy, Flame Princess enacted a rule in the Fire Kingdom to be completely honest after she overthrows her father and became the new ruler, no longer wanting to be fooled again. Flame Princess has long is flame princess dating cinnamon bun hair about waist-length that is like fire and as such flows above her head.

She has black eyes that sparkle white and yellow in the light of her fire. Physically, she is thicker than the other characters, with a wider waist and bigger arms and legs.

Her skin fantastic matchmaking brighton think yellow-orange and she usually wears an orange-red dress under a light orange surcoat with hot pink trimming.

At first, she does not wear shoes, though her dress usually hides her feet from view. She has two diamond-shaped, red gems; one on her forehead and the is flame princess dating cinnamon bun on the front of her dress. The red gem on her dress is shown to be a part of her dress and not her body, which exemplified when Flame Princess had a different outfit on in "Ignition Point.

When her flames are doused, her skin changes to a pinkish-gray hue and her hair falls down her back and becomes a dull shade of maroon.