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Is there a better place to make bad decisions than at your company holiday party? We think not. You might just get drunk enough to buy your boss a shot or go way beyond that and give your boss a shot—in bed. And while, yes, the latter makes for an awkward morning meeting, it also makes a hell of a story. And isn't that what New Year's resolutions are for anyway? We asked seven women to confess their most memorable office party hookups because they should totally get bragging rights. Check 'em out:. So we headed to my car in the parking lot. Just as things started getting interesting, the police showed up and didn't drive away until we stumbled back into our office building. Once they were out of sight, we went back to my car and finished what we'd started. At the time, a coworker and I were having a secret fling, and we got our freak on just before the boss's wife called us together for a staff photo.

A survey by U. About half of adults in the U. But whether you're single and looking for some mistletoe action with that guy from sales, or hookup holiday party and worried you or your significant other might slip up with a coworker after some company-expensed champagne, here's the thing: The holiday hookup rate is largely industry-dependent. You have the least chance of getting close to a coworker—and also the least cause for concern, if you're in a relationship—if you or your significant other works in education, since the chances someone in this field will make out with a colleague are only 45 percent.

And while that number might sound crazy-high, it's not so bad compared to IT workers, 76 percent of whom admitted to office-party snogging, legal professionals 74 percentor people working in finance 71 percent. Participants in HR, transport and logistics, media and marketing, sales, and business administration were also more likely to have hooked up with a coworker.

The survey also asked about the most common places for joining Santa's naughty list, and even created a floor plan inspired by the answers. The most popular locations were parking lots here garages, boardrooms, federal dating, apparently, closets. And here's a way to get coal in your stocking or fired? The positive takeaway from these findings is that if you're single hookup holiday party willing to mingle click here your workplace this winter which you might want to think twice aboutyour chances of success look pretty high, especially if you work in IT or law.

Just make sure you're OK with the inevitability of bumping into your holiday hookup at the office coffee machine come January. Topics holidays hooking up kissing.