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If the feelings were mutual and she wanted to do it as much as you wanted to then I don't see the problem.. Just because she is your ex girlfriend's best friend doesn't mean anything, not to me at least. The two of you broke up for a reason. If the ex and best friend are still friends and are ok with this then it's all good. No friends should ever allow a guy or girl to ruin a friendship. That happened to me in my past and it did hurt in the beginning, but in the end I'm like who cares? She's making it a big stink when I said have him, I don't want him anymore now that he's sleeping with her. I was not even mad at the guy. I was more mad at my best friend for how she handled the whole situation. You have to keep leaving her alone. If there's ANY hope for this relationship right now, it's only going to occur if you stop trying to cling to her and trap her. If she sees you as a stalker, she feels that she cannot escape you. There's a good chance it's too late already, but if there's even the smallest flicker of hope in her heart for you - you absolutely must stop sabatoging yourself like this! You need to drop off the map.

A confession is a statement acknowledging some personal fact that you would ostensibly prefer to keep hidden. The term presumes that you aith providing information that you believe other people in your life are not aware of, and that is an admission of a moral or legal wrong.

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Three link violations will result in at least a three day ban. Message the moderatorswe don't bite often. Well, I should say ex-best friend. I'm hook up with girlfriends best friend and I've known my "friend" since I was about I would never do something to hurt a friend, but fuck this guy.

He has always been a little crazy. After we graduated high school in he started drinking like crazy. Also didn't help that he was the first wihh my friends to move out on his own.

He was dating this girl from about the beginning of to the end ofso almost 2 years. I have known her since before they even dated so we visit web page decent friends. About 6 or 7 months ago, he tried cocaine. Frlend idea as he has a very addictive personality.

He lost all his friends except for me. I fdiend to be wuth good friend and help him get out of this rut. Because of cocaine he lost his job he had for 4 years, and then went through about 4 jobs In a month. Just going on days long benders and not caring at all about work. I decided to get him an entry level position at my work, to get him back on his feet. All was well for a bit as he friennd back on track. Then his girlfriend broke up with ohok.

I don't blame her, it was toxic and he was being a shitty boyfriend to her. All hell broke loose. He turned into a raging coke head again and started drinking more.

He started calling me at 3am on the weekends just completely out of it telling me how shitty of a guy I was because I didn't Hang out with him frend, or how he was convinced I was having sex with his ex girlfriend.

I would never in a million years imagine myself doing that. Then the gkrlfriends started coming in. He's gonna sith my car, beat me up, even kill frifnd.

For no reason at all. Just because he turned crazy when he was on coke. I then decided to girrlfriends cut him out of my life. I don't need this, I wiht everything I could to help the guy after all our friends bailed on him. Blocked his number. Yes we still work together but in different departments so I don't see him.

I started hanging out with his hooi girlfriend just because I was trying to support her through a tough time and I was trying to get advice on how to help my buddy. After Source realized he was a lost cause I stopped hanging with her for advice and started hanging go here with her just as normal sith.

Well Friday night me and her went out for dinner and drinks after. We got vest too drunk and she told me I could just stay at her place. Yup, ending up having sex with her and let me just say And now I'm going over there again tonight to do it all over again. My "friend" is a fucking loser and a jook cause. I didnt stop being friends with him to hook up with his ex, it just ended up happening. Hoo, regrets, thanks for reading.

Just needed to get that off my chest. Anyway, I enjoyed the story. It was like one of those stories where everyone's a bad guy. Except the girlfriend. Yeah, it is entirely possible to leave a friendship without fucking someone's ex.

JMO op. Not trying to be hostile, but judging your friend to rationalize sleeping with his ex is a dick move. But hey, if you find love you find love. If this was my best friend, I would hope I'd stick by him the whole time. But that's just me. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?

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