Tango Club Tango is not only a club, a KTV, or a lovely bar , it is also a lifestyle that brings relaxation and tastes to every one here. Avoid if you know whats good for you. Its main floor is a great place to enjoy some drinks and meet new friends. You can find this club at Inside Workers Stadium, Beijing that is operational from 8pm up to 5am and what really made this one a known one in Beijing is the fact that it is the largest club in the city. October 5, at pm. The city does actually have a lot of stuff to offer its locals and tourists such as their very well-known Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City which are both worth visiting for. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


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When darkness falls, meeting beautiful women in bars is a fantastic thing. One of the ideal places to meet girls is a nightclub because it is where women—especially single ones—go to hook up bars in beijing, hangout, and have a good time. In addition, nightclubs provide beaumont dating daisy right ambiance for dancing, drinking, and meeting beautiful ladies.

What are the best night clubs to meet girls in Beijing? Here is a list of 10 best nightclubs for reference. Suzie Wong is a place where both the women and the men take pride to up the doll their appearance; women and men are dressed up as witch, angel, nurse, corpse, cat girl etc. It looks like a sweet dream in Suzie Wong, and everyone hopes not to be awaked anymore.

Its fashionable decoration makes you feel like in an Hook up bars in beijing style nightclub. MIX is divided into three halls, each hall has different characteristics. Just like its name, people here come from variable countries. In MIX people can enjoy pure hip-hop music, brilliant lighting effects and crazy atmosphere. Unlike several other nightclubs, its layout is very international so people will be in the mood for dance.

Its fast-paced house music makes people always want to dance. Angel Club The club features top lighting effects, large dance floor, a huge bar and many serving stations. One lounge is for dancing and every night there are hot dance performances, the other one is for private visit web page. Angel Club is owned by a Chinese celebrity, so guests here can always meet some famous stars and models.

At the weekends you will find some special-themed parties at Angel Club. Address : No. Coco Banana features the latest, and very danceable music. In terms of decoration, coco is small, but link delicate. Many other nightclubs are decorated in red while COCO presents you stylish white color everywhere, white leather sofa, a white bar, and white columns. On the dance floor, the most advanced lighting systems and colorful LED wall will bring you an unprecedented intoxicated feeling.

Cargo excels is its music and atmosphere. A resident Taiwanese DJ will bring a new vibe to the club that gets the crowd really going. Its main floor is a great place to enjoy some drinks and meet new friends. Downstairs floor is the place for crazy dancing lovers. You will see various beauties of different skin colors from all over the world, their passion creates an exotic atmosphere that makes you feel like being abroad. The club has luxury VIP rooms, attractive booth and dozens of scattered stands, which can meet demands of different customers.

Here dazzling lights, pounding house and hip-hop beats will give party-goers a fantastic night. Tango Club Tango is not only a club, a KTV, or a lovely barit is also a lifestyle that brings relaxation and tastes to every one here. Here l ights, mirrors, gentle music, tasty drinks and sexy girls, all these create dreamlike world. The place is a deathtrap of fake alcohol, fire hazards and degenerates. Avoid if you know whats good for you.

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