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On December 31, Sana, a member of the Worldwide Korean pop girl, TWICE stunned and amazed netizens and her fans after updating their group's official Instagram account with her photos and extend her messages for fans as well. In her post, she showcased her goddess-like visuals, wearing her pink suit, which is a match for her youthful look. Sana features her short hair as well while wearing a light make up, partnered with a peach lipstick. She exudes various look in a photo, giving her cute, sexy, innocent and beautiful vibe. In addition to this, she also wrote a caption, which is her message she wishes to reach her fans and supporters that's been there throughout the past years, especially in Sana said, " This year's birthday has been so happy and celebrated by so many people even today. It's been a lot of work this year. I'll be happy and warm. I'm always thankful in Fans and netizens then commented and replied their New Year's greetings to the female idol, wishing her a good upcoming year, complimenting her new look. Meanwhile, Sana recently had her birthday on December 28, which fans around the world celebrated together with her through posting and giving their Birthday messages through different social media platforms and communities. On Christmas day, she attended together with her co-members the year-end music show of SBS Gayo Daejun where she dressed as Santa's reindeer, Rudolph, as she sang "Rudolph, the red nose reindeer. On the other hand, this upcoming New Year, as fans were looking forward to the forthcoming , fans and Korean netizens were also waiting for Dispatch, as they reveal a dating couple each year. In this regard, some netizens can't help themselves to think that it was from EXO and TWICE, which are currently the most popular groups from the different agencies.

The rumor garnered various reactions from fans, some went wild while others were okay with of dating in kardashian. Fans were astonished and shared different sentiments about the rumor.

According to netizens, someone on Facebook uploaded a dating scandal between Kai and Dahyun that is now deleted. The said spazzer allegedly posted that exo dating fans two are currently in a relationship. Another post even mentioned that SM Entertainment has released a statement about the two, while another post mentioned that the male idol's label already released a statement confirming it.

JYP hasn't give statement about that relationship. Source:Mayami confirmed it. With this news, a lot of fans are in mixed emotions. A lot have expressed their sentiments on different social media platforms with regards to their stand over the dating scandal. A lot of the netizens seemed to be in shock as they didn't expect both idols to be dating each other. Can someone explain to me? I believe this is not real! Please tell me why this fake news or click to see more came out," said a fan.

Damn give me exo dating fans you're hitting on. A lot are not believing the statements. They strongly believe that the said dating rumor between Kai and Dahyun are false and should stop. Please stop making stuff like these. It's annoying. There are also some who are a bit frustrated as they still believe that Kai and Jennie Kim are still secretly dating and are only waiting for the right time to reveal their relationship.

Still, fans are waiting for a clarification about the said issue. Meanwhile, Kai recently joined the "hand sign" challenge as a response to Choi Siwon's dare. Headlines In the video, Jooheon appeared in the recording studio in a stylish black shirt and showed off his deep emotion with husky and cool vocals! Related Stories! Latest Photo Gallery.