Was your ex nurturing? Sometimes this dream represents some big unresolved issue between the two of you, which is still bothering you. Why are you having them? Why on earth is the dude who dumped you while you were shopping for Christmas decorations at Target showing up in your dreams and giving you advice about your current partner? Though they're sensitive, they also hesitate, which makes them lose on chances. The dream had been prophetic of what was going to happen to her and when. You and your ex have been broken up for a while, and you're finally feeling better about the split — you're moving on with your life, you're no longer hung up on why or how your relationship ended, and your ex, to quote the great existential philosopher, Hilary Duff, "is so yesterday.


Dreams about ex partners are not unusual, even if you already are in a new committed relationship. These dreams often happen when you are going through a breakup and cannot still accustom to the fact that the two of you are not a couple anymore. Maybe you are hoping the two of you will get back together again. It might also indicate unresolved issues and feelings towards your ex — girlfriend. Dreams about your ex — girlfriend might just be the reaction of your subconscious to these situations. Your subconscious has your best interest in mind, and often through such dreams tries to resolve some unresolved matters and give you some ease so you can remove the blockages and move on with your life. Sometimes such a dream is a not a sign of you missing your ex — girlfriend or still being in love with her. It might only be a reminiscing of the past and the good times spent together or a good part of your life when you were with this person. If you had a good relationship with your ex — girlfriend, full of love and respect, such a dream might only be a sign of your desire to have again a committed relationship like the two of you had. Dreams about an ex — girlfriend can often signify thinking about certain qualities of your ex or your relationship with her, and comparing them with your current girlfriend or relationship. Such a dream might reveal you are comparing your current girlfriend with your ex — girlfriend and maybe realizing which qualities your current girlfriend is missing. Maybe you liked those qualities a lot about your ex — girlfriend. You can also dream about your ex — girlfriend, if the period of your life when you were together, symbolizes something beautiful and stable for you, and maybe you are currently undergoing through some hardships and stress in your life. Sometimes, such dreams can be caused by an unsatisfying relationship with your current girlfriend. Dreaming about talking to an ex — girlfriend.

Have you been having dreams about your ex? Does this person visit you at night while sleeping? Do you wake up scratching your head, wondering WTF? One of the most common types of dreams are those involving ex-partners. Not long ago, I wrote about what it means to dream about your crush. Given interest in the topic, I felt inspired to pen this piece.

This is particularly true if the relationship ended badly. Should your dream include romantic imagery, such as intimate touching and kissing, it can make the experience really confusing. So, what are these dreams all about? Why are you having them? Moreover, what do they really mean? Now before we get too far in, I need to say dream dating ex are a subjective in nature and unique to each dreamer. Therefore, when reading the material below, it is best to view your dream through the lens of symbolism.

My promise is to share information that is free of psycho-babble so that you can arrive at a place of greater understanding. This is the most common type of experience. Here, you simply see an image of the person — such as their face or body.

They may or may not use verbal communication. Some people report that even without words, there is a deep knowing that transcends time and space. Much depends upon the previously shared connection. At any rate, their presence in your dream is usually linked to a trait they possess that you need in your life right now.

Another common and confusing experience for some is dreaming about kissing an ex. Almost always, the kiss is passionate and sensual. In the case of kissing, this usually represents some form of communication. Are you missing passion link your life right now?

If so, did your ex provide hookah pigeon forge tn to you in the past? Deep below the conscious level, there may be a part of your psyche that yearns for an emotional connection with another.

In truth, they are relaying material that you need in the here and now. When you dream of hooking up with your ex, pay attention. Here are some questions:. Are you with someone now who is physically unsatisfying? On the flipside, are you single right now but not sexually active? Have you been dreaming about your ex sleeping with someone new? Upon reflection, does the imagery make you feel happy for them or jealous? In my experience, the imagery is symbolic of letting go and moving on.

In other words, that you are dreaming about an ex having sexy-time with a new mate means you have healed from the breakup. More: What dreams about death and dying mean. If you were angry or envious, it likely means you still have unresolved feelings that need to be processed.

If you broke up with your ex five, ten or twenty years ago and they are just now popping into your head, you know exactly what I mean. Most of the time, the ex you are dreaming about from yesteryear is appearing because you miss some aspect dream dating ex them.

Was your ex nurturing? Did this person understand you in ways that your current mate does not? Is there an element of their personality that dream dating ex need in your life right now? Well, there you have it. If you want to know more about the symbolic meaning of dreams, I encourage you to pick up a copy of The Complete Dictionary of Dreams by Lennox See Amazon.

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