You got. Jane randomly cheating on Spinner with Declan made no sense whatsoever. In 99 Problems 1 , Riley is seen spending the summer with his boyfriend, Zane Park , and training for football. But they were each better off with other people, and the "Oh no, we are step-siblings in love! Unfortunately, the pairing derailed in Season 10, and the possible-rape in "Love Lockdown" while Holly J was in a relationship with Sav was very not OK. In Season 16, he was solidly by her side as she spiraled out of control after she was blacklisted for being racist. But Winston and Frankie, as a rare example of that, totally worked. There was some good build-up for these two in Season 14, but their very short-lived relationship went nowhere fast, largely due to Miles' stronger feelings for Maya. Riley sort of denies it, but sort of proves it again after Anya tells him that Zane is actually gay.


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I'm gay. Riley Stavros is a graduate gsy Degrassi Community School of the Class ofand attends Eastern University on a football scholarship. He was the openly gay captain and quarterback of the Degrassi Football Team.

He starts off as being in denial of his homosexuality, which made him come off as cynical, brash, and angry, constantly striving to be the perfect heterosexual football player. However, it became clear that he was actually sweet, caring and kind, never resorting to bullying like all the other jocks. He is shown to be exceptionally talented in athletics, especially football, and tough fighter and boxer.

He plans to be the first openly gay professional football player in history. He is currently in a relationship with Zane Parkwhich has been confirmed via their twitter accounts. He was portrayed gxy Argiris Karras. From his mother's appearances, it can be determined that Riley's parents degrasei from Greece to Canada and that he was raised in a household that placed a high emphasis on its heritage.

It is assumed that Riley had attended Degrassi Community School for the past three years and that he was involved with degrassi gay hook up sports, especially football. In Bad Medicineit is revealed that he attended some sort of camp three years prior to Season 8. In Fight the Powerwhile Jane Vaughn tries to get on the Degrassi football team, Riley initially joins in teasing her.

He later shows remorse when Derek Haig takes the harassment too far. When Riley walks in on Derek attacking Jane, he takes the opportunity to defend her by pushing Derek off of her and down the hall, and is then himself shoved by Bruce.

After this incident, Riley becomes one of Jane's first supporters when she decides to stay on the team, claiming "she is a good player. In Bad Medicineit was revealed that Riley has been taking steroids to increase his strength.

Degrqssi confronts him about it, and about the unexpected kiss. Riley tells him it was a weird mistake. Later, he is seen setting up a secret hook-up with one of ggay old friends, Nathan degrassi gay hook up, from camp in the Ravine.

When Anya MacPherson walks by, he suspiciously shuts his laptop, and runs after Anya, asking her out for a date. She accepts, and Riley attempts to keep his homosexuality hidden. But later, he goes to the Ravine where he sees his old camp friend, who he was attempting to hook see more with. Afraid, Riley runs off, and is driven to take more steroids. They make him extremely paranoid, which is shown in English class when he throws an eraser at Peter's head, thinking that he was laughing and talking about him.

This causes Mrs. Kwan to send him to the more info 's office. Later, Peter confronts him, ip tells him the dangerous effects the steroids are having on him. Riley blows him off and goes on a picnic with Anya. They talk, and Riley leans in for a kiss. The kiss is very awkward and Riley makes an excuse to leave. Afterward, Riley goes to the Ravine, where he sees his online friend again.

His friend begins to flirt with him, and Degrasi seems to be enjoying it. However, Riley starts to get scared and tries to go but his friend tells him to relax and that he was nervous his first time degraasi a guy as well. Riley gives in, and his friend starts trailing kisses along. Riley decides to join the Mock U.

This is the last we really see of Riley in the season. He is seen throughout this episode, talking to Peter and hok stuff. Sam pins Riley against gsy wall, proving that it is indeed possible although unlikely for Riley to be dominated. Afterward, Anya confronts him and tells hook that she needs to interview him for some kind of Degrassi bachelor degrassi gay hook up. When she is interviewing on the morning announcements, she asks him if he likes blonds or brunettes.

Riley awkwardly answers the questions. In yoga class Riley tells Degrassi gay hook up that he is gay after checking out Zane Parkhe also asks her to not tell anyone. Gayy gets excited and then tells him that he totally likes Zane. Riley sort of denies it, but sort of proves it again after Anya tells him that Zane is actually gay.

The next day, Zane finds out that degrasssi is gay, and they start hanging out. They go to a secret tree house construction area where Riley likes to go to be alone. They start to talk, but when a security member comes and kicks them out Riley loses his temper and leaves Zane behind. The next day at school Zane is mad at Riley for leaving him behind with the security recruit degrassi gay hook up.

After being convinced to go to the mixer by Peter, who told Riley there would be a lot of straight people there. In 99 Dating spanish someone you are in 1Riley is seen spending the summer with his boyfriend, Zane Parkand training for football. Zane is upset that now that summer's over, Riley has to go from "Summer Riley" the Riley that likes to. In 99 Problems 2Riley and some other football players walk over to Drew with clear wrap.

When Drew asks if they are ready for early practice, the guys rush at him and haze him. Riley ties Drew up and says, "You're lucky, I used degradsi have a violent streak. Simpson and Coach Armstrong that her son shouldn't have been degrassi gay hook up up and that she will go to the school board if no one hoook forward. Drew covers for Riley saying the people were wearing a mask. Later, after realizing Riley was most likely going to start as quarterback, Drew gets his mom to come back and she threatens to stop the football click at this page if no one comes forward.

Riley tells Armstrong that he was the person who hazed Drew and he then gets a five game suspension. Zane tells Riley it should be gsy out there instead of Drew and then he added a remark saying "or at least half of you" and Riley replies by saying that he hopes it will be all of him out there one day. When Drew and Alli Bhandari are crowned King and Queen, Riley is a bit disappointed about not winning because he wanted Zane and him read article win.

Zane then tells Riley that there's always prom. In the background, Riley and Zane are seen dancing together throughout the episode. Riley decides to be nice and subtle and leaves gay magazine and a picture of him and Zane on his bed and hokk goes for a run, knowing his mom will clean his room. Riley gets back from his run and his mom pretends like nothing was on his bed. She refuses to listen and storms out of the room. Riley hoom the situation to Zane. Zane tells him to give them time just like how it took him a lot of time to realize he was gay.

They agree to degrasis on to ip a game the next day. In IdiotequeRiley is seen with a new haircut, using one of the computers gxy Degrassi. Riley asks Anya if she was the girl degrassi gay hook up Owen slept with at Fiona 's house. He then asks Anya if she wants to walk to class with him, which she agrees to. In Ohok Machine 2Riley is seen acting in the school play hay.

Anya originally went to see him perform. In Take a Bow 1Anya invites him to prom which he accepts and he points out the strenuous parts of the military. However, Anya later cancels their friend-date in favor of u; with Owen. In Take a Bow 2Riley manages to come out to his mom ohok and have her finally understand him for who he is. Zane also says "Hi, Riley," talking to him for the dance hook up time on-screen since the breakup.

In Dead and Gone degrassRiley tells Zane he came out to click mom and is planning on coming out to his click at this page. Zane lets Riley know he accepted Eastern's offer, and Riley suggests maybe they could sit together at freshman orientation.

Neither cegrassi will be check this out in the second half of season eleven. In Monster Moon: Part 3Riley is dressed up as a serial killer and is about to kill Zane when he is noticed by him.

He is berated about his costume selection as the two had previously planned on matching gladiator outfitspreventing him from murdering his boyfriend. Zane calls him selfish and he asks for forgiveness when Fiona Coyne shows up dressed as a mime, scaring them both off. Gaay episode 6 of Degrassi TVDrew talks about how when he first enrolled degrasei Degrassi that bullying Riley was the "masculine" thing to do because Riley was gay. Season 8. Season 9. Season Degrassi Main Characters.

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