How are you managing your health, kids, home and career during this surreal time? If read more and flies all over optical. You must be logged in to vote. LMF: My kids and my family are my whole world, they are what motivate me the most, to fight my battle against CF as hard as I fight it. And so you need to love the glasses you wear, and feel confident wearing them. Registro Te recomendamos conectarte con: east bay dating lovely dating. And so you need to love the glasses you wear and feel confident wearing them.


Go into a bar, they steam up; try and look seductive in a selfie, you fear coming across as a frustrated blue-stocking. Want to embrace how sexy your specs make you? Join my brand new datingapp SpexApp! After all, we know there are plenty of short-sighted celebrities — but how many of them particularly women wear their frames in public? Not that many. It took me a long time to embrace being a glasses-wearer, but when I did, I was surprised by how many people told me I look more attractive wearing them! And so you need to love the glasses you wear, and feel confident wearing them. If you want to get rid of certain people, you then have the option of hiding them for a month or forever. You can only send or receive messages if both parties have liked each other. So, it might be time to put your contacts away as your specs are about to have a fan-base of their own. MORE: This artist is illustrating all the awkward opening lines she receives on dating apps. Follow Metro. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro. Sign up.

Spex, is the new dating website made just for all you glasses wearers out there. Instead, you can find your glasses-wearing soulmate with one little click. Sounds good right? The only downside is that there is only a website for this dating this web page and not an datig, but it just launched last month, so give them time!

In case you need more from Spex before you sign up to find your soulmate, their tagline reads, "Putting the sex back into wearing ror. The site was created by a Charly Lester, who is see more UK-based dating industry expert. So how does this specific dating site work? The most important thing is that if you do wear glasses you have to fill in the end of this sentence using five words or less: "I think my glasses make me look…".

And so you need dating sites for glasses love the glasses you wear and feel confident wearing them. I think SPEX can help people find that confidence, and realize just how great they look with their glasses on. What are you waiting dites glasses goddesses? There is now a sitrs site specifically for people who wear glasses and we're already signed up.

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