Tech Cars. Timely posts are best delivered as Instagram Stories. The goal for many was to figure out that all-consuming question: Does my crush like me as much as I like them? Instagram is fast taking over — not just on social media, but in our dating lives as well. There are dozens of follow bots on the interwebs at your disposal. Other social media platforms have had similar effects, but Instagram is massive just Stories has nearly twice as many users as Snapchat does , and other pervasive platforms, such as Facebook, are not as dominated by daily, visual updates. This method should yield her IG handle in the search results. Because if you start using Instagram like a dating app, your dating life will improve tenfold. Girls love the prospect of a new Insta follower to bump their numbers.


Instagram is fast taking over — not just on social media, but in our dating lives as well. Number closes are fast becoming a thing of the past. Plus, the many features of Instagram — with stories, meme tagging, geo location search, and direct messaging — this creates the perfect pre requisite for a successful dating app. Something Instagram is steadily morphing into. With this in mind, it would be silly to pass up on this gravy train of opportunity and not milk Instagram dry of the womanly juices you can gain from it. So read on to discover 7 reasons why Instagram can seriously improve your dating life and get you meet ups with girls IRL. Unlike us trigger happy men, girls are extremely picky when it comes to swiping right. Girls want a glimpse of the real you even though Instagram can be pretty fake at the best of times. So if you give users the option to snoop your IG your chances of matching are far greater. The chances of actually matching with a girl you like are pretty slim. Often used as a backup option if you fail to get a match, this forward approach to picking up girls from Tinder does occasionally work. However this semi-stalkerish tactic is becoming harder and harder to pull off. Making it trickier business to hunt these girls down. However, you can still find some diamonds in the rough. This method should yield her IG handle in the search results.

The social media wars are getting hot. Last week, Instagram announced the launch of Instagram Directa feature that allows users to send private photos and videos. While many wonder how this new feature will change the way they interact with the photo- and video-sharing app, many others have already changed the game by using Instagram as a dating site.

Daniel Desforges, lifestyle contributor and business manager of Fashionights. And now I can say that the of my life is a result of it as well.

Relationship expert Frederick Tuffours also believes social media is a great place to meet people. Even dates can be secured via social media, with absolutely no need for phone check this out exchanges.

Flirting on Instagram can be as simple as vancouver mayor dating old pictures, frequently liking another persons posts and can escalate to leaving your number, BBM PIN or Twitter handle on and old image. Try to use some discretion to avoid the embarrassing results. With the advent of Instagram Direct those public embarrassments can now be private image- or video-advances. Tech Cars. Septembre Anderson.