Some examples showing how features vary from tool to tool can be seen in this spreadsheet which catalogues my own, current collection. Looks like they just ground it out to save getting any more fines. Accessories All Accessories Sheaths Hardware. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Continual improvements have enhanced screwdriver performance and added a hard-wire cutting notch. Austria English. This topic This board Entire forum Google.


It starts with the original riveted clip of and then ends up with some of the final changes of the early 'warranty. The dates are only educated guesses. The list below is updated as per post 91 September 18th of this thread. US PAT no longer mods. I have two PST's and I'll look at them thoroughly and get back to you! As regards stamping on PST's, there are quite a few variations. What are they? Dating Clip. Thanks Spoon and Poncho. Your information has already prompted some changes in my original post. Pointier than the regular later blade whatever that is! DaveK on July 28, , To elaborate on this business of pivots and clip, please see the following pics: Sometime around the year - speed dating events belfast The middle clip blade is nicknamed the "saber" because of its big sweeping clip point. Later on they made the clip point smaller top picture.

This topic This board Entire forum Google. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Donations Login Register. Hello Lurker! Remove this ad and much more by logging in. How dating leatherman pst know the manufacturing date and serial number of your Leatherman Newbie Posts: Hello mates, just curious, is there such a way to know the manufacturing date of Leathermans?

What does this mean? He said "genuine" Leatherman's have serial numbers in them like that of his PST. How true is this? I believe my Wave doesn't have a serial number. Many thanks! No Life Club Posts: 1, Quote from: dating leatherman pst on June 18,AM. Merit Badges. Full Member Posts: In datinv, I think that serial numbers are only for "special-run" tools i.

Damascus Wave, Anniversary Wave, etc. Maybe your friend was mistaking the Patent Number as a serial number? I remember my old PST had these markings on the handles before Zombie Apprentice Posts: dating leatherman pst, Sing, Michael, sing. On the route of the 19 Bus! If the tool has no datecodes in the handles, that datihg indicate that it was made prior tobut there are other characteristics that can help us to narrow it down a bit.

This thread tells you loads about dating your PST, but if you post some pictures on here, I'm sure people will help you if they can.

Global Moderator Just Bananas Posts: 60, Thanks for the thread DaveK! I will try to get pictures of my friend's PST once I get in touch with inter dating site. Quote from: entaro on June 21,AM. Thanks for the information! I had no idea there was a date code, but there on the inside of my Leathermah is "" on both handles.

Help us keep the Unworkable working! Community Links. Powered by EzPortal. SMF 2. Your friends PST might have a patent on it but have'nt seen any with serial numbers. I already have a 2 year old Leatherman I'll tell my friend that PST has a patent number on it and not a serial number.

Thanks for the input mate! Your friends pst may have the dates leaherman on the inside of his handles unless its an early onewhich have no dates.

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