Now, in this split second, I thought, "I need to shut this down. Labels: relationships. We're in a recession, folks. Here are our tragic and terrifying dating tales of worsts and worsers. I can assure you that these stories are unfortunately true, so, go ahead and laugh When I showed up to return the item, I walked into an accidental date: He had wine and cheese out and a movie playing. An NYC-dwelling friend of mine -- let's call her Philomena -- recently filled me in on the ups and downs of the singles scene in the big city. Image zoom.


A co-worker has a friend to set me up with. He hales from upstate NY, currently living in the East Village. Good start. We meet, and I am pleasantly surprised by his appearance. You did not expect this to happen. We make it through date 1 and even go out on a second date, which turned out to be a blast! J-date attempt 2. This dude is a lawyer, gave good phone, quick wit, moderately attractive. But, I guess a boy can try. We arrive at a tapas place where I order my signature white wine of choice.

There may be no social torture worse than the bad date, and yet we all risk it time and time again in the quest for the rare good date. Here are tragic and terrifying dating tales of worsts and worsers. When I was 16, I met a guy at a party who went to our rival high school.

He was one year older, and was therefore an exotic, desirable creature plus, he was pretty cute. We went on a couple of dates, and he asked me to be his date to his semi-formal football banquet.

I was super excited, as I would never get asked to a football banquet at my school, and wore a beautiful velvet burnout dress. Upon arrival at the banquet, I felt out of place because everyone else was dressed much more casually. Then I gradually realized this dude had no friends. Like, no one else talked to him all night. After that painful experience ended, we went back to his house dating disasters blog a movie.

We were spooning on the couch when I felt jerk up and then a wet sensation on my neck. He had fallen asleep and drooled all over me and my semi-formal dress. To the extent that I had to go to the bathroom to wash it all off. Aaaaand that was the end of that. He concurred! Off to a great start, right? Just wait. Atheist Doctor.

Match made in heaven. Without thinking, I asked him what time it was. I could have looked at my phone but before I knew it, the words blurted out of my mouth. He tells me the time and asks if I want to leave. Right after I met dating disasters blog now-boyfriend I went on a couple of dates with this guy who was really nice, if a little persistent. He invited me to go to a show with him, but I said things were getting serious with now-boyfriend.

He dating disasters blog I should come anyway, so I ended up going and having fun! When I showed up to return the item, I walked into an accidental date: He had wine and cheese out and a movie playing. I stayed for a glass of wine, but then made my exit. As I was leaving, he put a USB key into my purse.

Enough said. One day I came home from work with an embarrassing amount of groceries and was bothering everyone else in my train car with how much space I was taking up.

Then this cute, tousle-haired guy sat down next to me. Tousable hair kills me, for real. We started talking about how annoying all my groceries were, and then about music second swoonand black dating in miami he offered to help carry them home.

Outside my apartment, we exchanged numbers and agreed to hang out the next night. So we start texting to set up this date. I have since learned to ask a boy his age before exchanging numbers. I also learned being a cougar is not that appealing. At least not yet. Not yet. I had been chatting with a perfectly nice, nerdy, Doctor Opinion most common lies internet dating curious guy on Tinder and planned to meet up for dinner.

He mentioned briefly that his hair was longer than in his pictures, and that made me slightly suspicious. When he walks up, on a scale of 1 to 10 of attractiveness, he was maybe a 4—harsh but true. So naturally I drank maybe one more glass of wine than was prudent, which means my barely-there verbal filter went to sleep. Poor guy escorted me to my car, and thankfully left me alone after that.

Consider alcohol my veritaserum …. With this said, I went on an accidental date. We grabbed food, went on a walk, and he drove me home with the night ending at an unexpected kiss at my front door.

He said he understood. Yet two weeks later, he surprises me at my university. I was an RA working freshmen move-in, so my phone was the last thing I was concerned with. I call him and he tells me to go outside. Therefore, you could imagine how confused I was. But regardless, I went outside and there he was. He grabs my hands and he tells me he has fallen for me.

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