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He is also a primary member of the entertainment collective group known as Click. He grew up with his three siblings, who grew up to be accessible as well. His brother Tanner is a famous photographer and YouTuber, Jarrad is a professional baseball player and Callan. Before working full time as a YouTuber, he used to work in the construction industry. He is currently in a relationship with her girlfriend, Ilsa Watkins, who is a YouTuber as well. His height is 1. From then on, he started growing his YouTube channel full-fledged and posted videos related to the Madden NFL game series. He crossed his 1 million subscribers landmark in June and, in less than one year, hit 7 million subscribers. He currently has gathered more than , followers on Instagram and more than 13 million subscribers on YouTube, with a total watch view of 4. The primary source of income of LazarBeam is through YouTube and other social networks where he gets paid for commercial and branded merchandise.

There were lots of strong arguments for an adults-only rating, but nothing said "games are not just for kids" than that oft-cited statistic: the average Aussie gamer is 30 years old. Bond University has conducted its Digital Australia survey every two years sinceand it has just released its findings from Julybased on a National random sample of gmaer, households, collected by Nielsen.

The internet is playing an ever bigger role in gaming. Games and parenting are intertwined more than ever. Game classification australian gamer dating a strong role in purchasing decisions, as well, with around two thirds of parents reporting that a game's rating had a moderate or strong influence on their choice when buying a game for their children. One area where hamer is needed, however, click here in using parental controls on consoles.

Clearly more information is needed on the use of these tools. If you would like to read the complete report, it can be downloaded in PDF format from the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association website. New statistics reveal the face of Australian gaming. The Sydney Morning Herald. Video games.