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When Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen was weighing up the pros and cons of a move from the ABC to commercial TV last year, she says she turned to a senior woman who works "behind the scenes" in the industry for some confidential advice. The telegenic presenter had been offered more money to make the switch — she won't confirm or deny the rumour she has gone to Seven — from ABC2's Good Game , on which she had worked since You're young, you have your whole life ahead of you to make a switch'," Bendixsen recalls. And there was silence. And then she said, 'I would probably be thinking about doing something substantial sooner rather than later'. Credit: Stephanie Bendixsen. Bendixsen's brush with television's ageism may have come startlingly early, but it would probably have gone unremarked were it not for the fact the ABC used her departure, and that of her colleague Nich Richardson aka Nichboy , as the pretext for cancelling the show after 10 years on air. The final episode of Good Game aired last December, though no one knew it at the time. It's hard not to detect a whiff of scapegoating by the ABC here, though Bendixsen says there was no hint a move was afoot to axe the show. True, management had late last year, for the first time in the decade-long run of Good Game , suggested some format changes might be in order. When Bendixsen joined the show in as the replacement for the ousted Jeremy "Junglist" Ray, she found herself mired in controversy, but in time she won the fans over. On Monday, she published on her Facebook page a letter written to her by a year-old fan called Faith, who was "very upset and angry" about her decision to leave the show. Bendixsen defended her right to make a career change, arguing no one should be forced to stay in the same job forever, no matter how good it is, or appears to be from the outside. If I lost my job suddenly — who would want to hire me?

Subscribe to Good Game Vodcast. Passionately involved in all aspects of nerd culture, she enjoys science fiction, fantasy, collecting swords and figurines - even occasionally slinging arrows at her local archery club.

She is also a dedicated servant to her two feline overlords: Gandalf and Merlin. Where did you get the name 'Hex'? I liked the idea of magic, and a 'hex' is a curse or an evil spell - so it sounded like a cool barbo to me. Nowadays I play more stealthy characters like rogues and rangers How did you get your job on Good Game?

I are bargo and hex dating been watching the show for a couple of years already - Read article actually approached Bajo as a fan! It was at convention while I was filming an audition tape for a presenting role on ABC3, and a little while later I learned that Good Game was looking for a new ade also.

This web page submitted a series of written game reviews on games that I felt passionately about and thought were interesting to the show's producer What advice do you have for other people who wnd to get into video games journalism?

Start writing! If you love games and you feel like you have a lot to say about them - it's important to get into the habit of getting are bargo and hex dating thoughts down regularly. The more you formulate your thoughts and ideas, compare particular mechanics and hx from uex game to another - the better you'll get at it.

Then, start hunting around for internships rather tinder a dating app with a difference opinion your favourite games websites and magazines. That's your chance to show them what you're capable of.

Are you and Bajo friends in real life? Bajo is one of the closest friends I've ever been lucky baargo to have. Our friendship off-screen is what allows our friendship on-screen to come through so easily.

We love shenanigans, we love gaming, and we spend WAY too much time together! What honor academy alumni dating see is what you get, with us. More info you ever get sick of playing video games since you play them for work?

Haha, no. I mean, I believe in a balanced lifestyle so I do https://dogguru.xyz/magazines/free-dating-website-with-free-messaging.php of other things in my spare time as well.

But I never get sick of gaming! They datign have their pros and cons, and each have exclusive releases that I love - so I honestly couldn't pick a favourite. I hug all my andd before I go to bed each night. They are all special to me. This site has been archived and is no ad being maintained. Tweets by GoodGameTV. Connect with Good Game. Watch Good Game. Join us on Twitch.